If you use JIRA for project management or software development, you'll find it handy to integrate your JIRA instance with airfocus. You can import all of your JIRA issues, use JQL to specify criteria for which issues to load.

airfocus integrations are always per workspace so make sure to add JIRA again for new workspace. You can even add multiple JIRA integrations to one workspace (e.g. from different JIRA instances).

How to set up your JIRA integration

Make sure the user setting up the JIRA integration has JIRA Administrator Global Permissions. More information on JIRA permissions here.

1. In airfocus, click on one of your workspace and use the left menu to select settings. Click "Integrations".

2. Click "Connect" with JIRA

3. Enter your JIRA instance URL (e.g. https://airfocustest.atlassian.net/) and click "Test connection"

4. If not already done you now have to install the airfocus add-on on your JIRA instance. To do that visit the JIRA add-on administration page (e.g. https://airfocustest.atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/upm) or click the link on the yellow notification element.

5. On the JIRA add-on administration page click "Settings"

6. Enable the development mode

7. Click "Upload add-on"

8. Enter the following URL into the input field:


Next, click "Upload"

9. airfocus has been installed for JIRA

10. Go back to airfocus and click "Test connection".

11. Next you have to grant this particular airfocus workspace access to JIRA. To do that, click "Grant access".

12. Click "Link with airfocus".

13. Now you can test the connection in airfocus. Everything should work now. Congratulations. You can now set up your integration by adding a JQL query (read more about JQL here) and decide how you want to sync the two systems.

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