After you're done prioritizing and roadmapping (from identifying your priorities and making decisions on the item and chart view to defining more effective roadmaps on the board and timeline view) it's now time to share your results. 

Build consensus across your organization by rallying everyone around your priorities and roadmap.

Using share links

A very effective way to share your airfocus views is publishing it to a (read-only) URL. When you publish to a URL, you create a shareable link that allows anyone with that link to see your priorities and roadmaps. To share a link, just click the share icon on the top right of each workspace view.

You can define which views to share can and obviously also revoke a link at any time (click "revoke" on the API keys page in your profile settings). If you only want to share your current filter set, make sure that the filter is active.

Exporting your priorities and roadmap to PDF, PNG and CSV

You can also initiate exports for each view by clicking the export icon on the top right of each workspace view. 

You can initiate PDF and PNG exports for all views. The item view also allows for a CSV export.

For PNG's you can decide to use a transparent background that comes in handy, if you want to add the PNG to presentation slides.

Please note that airfocus can't render PNG's bigger than 4000x4000 pixels, which means that the export does not work, if you have many items. If you get that error, please reduced the numbers of items by using our filters.

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